Sexual Deviance - Loss of Control

This is not an ad for exchange of money or professional services. This is for a willing, consenting adult (over 18) who wants to have fun.


u need to be used.

u need to be taken.

u need to be duct-taped.

u need to be ignored.

u need to be fed chewed up dinner scraps.

u need to french kiss my tailpipe.

u need to hump my gear shift.

u need to lick my windshield clean.

u need to have ur clothes ripped.

u need to stand on the street corner with taco juice running down your chest and stomach.

u need to be laughed at.

u need to be humiliated.

u need to be written on with a permanent marker.

u need to be blackmailed.

u need to be hypnotised.

u need to have ur senses controlled.

u need to be forced to call a friend of urs to tell them what u are.

u need to be violated.

u need to be brainfucked.

u need to be altered.

u need to have ur darkest fantasies explored.

u need to reveal all and then have it used against u.

is this u?



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dominant bottom seeks hot top to ride

I’d like to find a hot top who’d be into getting tied up, edged, and have me ride his face and cock while tied up.

It would also be hot if you were into wearing a ski mask and black soccer socks while I was riding your face and cock.

Serious replies only. I’m down to set this up for later so emailing back and forth and exchanging recent pics.

hot, 32 yo, fit, bubble butt, “ethnic” guy

Slave boy looking for master/boyfriend

Cute sub boy get to know and possibly serve a dom around my age. Would love to eventually find someone to become attached to long-term as either a “sub boyfriend” or slave boyfriend.

Interests: humiliation and degradation, including: collars/leashes, watersports, group, serving in and out of bedroom, small cock humiliation, public display, chastity, pup play, etc.

More pics and face pics for trade! Let me know!

You shall collar and hook me and I shall become your property

I recently just purchased a full set of bondage gear to include a collar and hook. I don’t have much experience but am seeking a new Master who will secure me as their exclusive property. I am masculine in person but with a much softer side in private. I am looking for you to train me to be your slave and use me thereafter according to your wishes.

37, wm, single, clean, ddf, hiv-, over six foot tall, hwp, easy on the eyes, submissive.

You be older, real, ddf, with a true Master’s mentality and a heavy liking for keeping your slave in tight bondage and able to host. You must place as much importance as I do on all aspects of safety.

Sexy Master looking for a faggot

Looking to own a new slave. A true faggot to devote everything to my pleasure and well being. You’re a worthless POS who gets off on bringing pleasure to your master.

I love to be in leather and beat my fag. Solid abuse

I’m hot military type of guy. Prefer a discreet fag who’s not Into the scene.

You will be buying me leather. Boots belts. Whatever I need to hurt you

Smooth Muscular build. No six pack shit. I’m a real man.

If we’re a match your already hard by reading this… This relationship will be all about me. No armatures or young boys. This is for a stable piece of shit faggot

Entertain me… Give it a shot

Sex Slave Research Study


I am an academic researcher with the School of Criminal Justice in Newark, New Jersey, and I am looking for self-described “sex slaves” to take part in a study. If you are a self-described sex slave and are currently not enslaved, I’d like to invite you to participate in the study which is titled “A view into the contemporary lives of ‘sex slaves’ in the BDSM culture.”

The purpose of this research is to understand how self-identified sex slaves live out their lives in contemporary society, their views about their roles in the culture, and their hopes for the future. I will interview about 200 persons. If you decide to participate you may choose how you would like to be interviewed: through a formal live interview or through a link to an online survey. It is important that you feel comfortable and participate in the way that you feel works for you. A short interview may last up to one hour or a full interview may last up to four hours. Online surveys may take about 4 hours to complete or you may simply answer the things you want to answer and nothing more.

Please be advised that all interviews will remain confidential and your identity will not be revealed in any report or study. Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you decide to participate, you do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer and you may withdraw from the study at any time. Even if you have finished the interview and feel you would not like to be included in the study you may contact me and that information will be destroyed. The results of this study may be presented in reports, at academic conferences, and/or academic journals. If you decide to participate I will email you back with additional information about the study and myself.

In the event that you have any further questions you may ask them without participating in the study. Personal information such as names or phone numbers are not allowed in craigslist ads but I will send you all of the information necessary and answer any questions you may have if you choose to answer this ad If you decide to answer the ad and also would like to participate please indicate what form or interview you would like to take part on (one on one live interview or an online survey).

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you,

The Investigator

Experienced Dom Seeks Slaves

Young, experienced Master in Manhattan seeking submissive and obedient slaves for ongoing training. I am 5 10”, 150 lbs with a 38” chest and 29” waist, and brown hair, blue eyes, a smooth, slim body and 7.5 inch cut cock. I am STD/STI free and HIV negative- I also only play safe.

Requirements: You must be 18-40, very fit, smooth or very close to it, attractive, and 100% sub. You will complete a task prior to your interview, inspection and initiation session involving pictures and video. You will prepare all body hair to my preferences. No exceptions will be made.

Inspection and Interview: Initiation includes a complete physical inspection and interview. A dress code is provided and you are expected to be clean and ready for inspection and the raping of all holes. You will enter my apartment and surrender all clothing and belongings. During the inspection, every inch of your body will be touched and inspected closely in full light. If you are found unclean in any way you will be kicked out and getting dressed in the hall outside of my apartment. Following inspection, you will drop to all fours and await instructions. You will be photographed and asked to pose however I wish and then you will be interviewed.

Initiation Session: All limits must be set in advance of the session- I DO NOT like surprises.

Sessions may include any of the following:

  • sexual service and worship
  • humiliation and degradation
  • moderate to intense bondage
  • sensory deprivation & stress positioning
  • pain/pleasure conditioning including cbt, tt, paddling and flogging, assplay and electro
  • foot worship
  • pup play
  • domestic/house bitch service

Escape Challenge


Here’s how it works. I’m gonna tie you up with about 100 feet of rope. If you can escape, you get to turn the tables on me, keep me tied up as long as you want and/or make me your sex toy. But if you can’t escape then I get to have my way with you. Let me warn you, your chances or escaping are slim to none, but I expect you to give it a good try. Watching you struggle is a big part of this — if you disappoint me, I’ll make you regret it.

Me: Gay Asian male bondage fetishist, 30s, 5’6”, 130, DDF, versatile.

You: Any age, race, gay/bi/straight. Be seriously into bondage and in shape needed for strict bondage positions. Switch a big plus. Sex optional.

Bondage Sub for Experienced Master

Smooth, cute and slim guy looking for an experienced bondage guy. I like to be tied up with either rope or leather cuffs, collared and more. Would want to fully discuss gear and experience with bondage top first. Not looking for sex/fucking … looking for edging, milking, bondage play. Must trade full pics and talk about details before meeting. Tell me your experience, gear, fetishes, and what you are into. Again, not into fucking — don’t waste your time with me if that is what you are looking for.


Experienced Sane Master enjoys training and torturing masculine masochists/slaves who know what they need and know how to beg for it. Whipping, crop, belt, TT, wax, CBT, mental and emotional control, torture. I am 40, husky, masculine, naturally dominant HIV neg. No oral/anal or exchange of fluids. Well built bottoms 25-35. Central Florida.


will visit the USA fall ‘97 and spring ‘98. slave I is 65yo, bearded, 5’8”, 150#; slave II is 43yo, bearded, 6’2”, 185#. Both slaves are real pain pigs, crave agonising, creative torture, love to scream (no gags!!); both are as yet unused in FF, but would like to learn to take an arm to the elbow. Anything goes without any limits, except scat! Both slaves live naked at all times, have smoothly shaved bodies, like public humiliations. Both slaves would like to be used by me and another Master or meet similar Master/slave couples for mutual pleasures. Fall ‘97 visit (slave I) to: AZ, IL, MA, NY, FL; spring ‘98 visit (slave II) to: IL, WA, OR, CA, AZ, FL. Write with details of treatment to [name and address redacted].