Ticklish slaveboy needed

I’m an attractive, in-shape, masculine white male looking for cute, young guys to tie up, tickle, tease, edge, and milk dry. I’m into slaves, pups, and pain boys. I am a good-looking professional with a no b/s attitude. If the thought of being stripped, bound, trained, teased, tickled, tortured for the pleasure of another turns you on, contact ME, boy. Would love to lock your hands and feet in my wooden tickle torture stocks and let you entertain my guests. Or, if not into groups, I’d tickle your vulnerable, exposed soles myself. Then I’d release you from the stocks and tie you spread-eagle to the bed to await your milking session. I’ll slather baby-oil all over your cock, chest, and soles. Next, I’ll gently stroke, tease, massage, tickle, and edge you repeatedly, never quite pushing you over the cliff, until you are begging, through your ball-gag, to be allowed to shoot. Finally, I force you to cum, then keep massaging your sensitive cock-head as you beg and buck on the bed, trying to hide your exposed, spent, slaveboy cock from my touch. I don’t stop til I coax at least one more orgasm out of you boy! Safe, sane, drug/disease free. Also looking for a pain slave. How much can you take? Any takers? ? I also need a slave to strip and shackle for domestic chores. No drugs. Pain optional! Don’t let MY all-American, boy-next-door, young-looks fool you! I am an experienced, devious professional! No PNP. No BB! Thanks. Feel free to contact Me. I don’t bite… hard!

The thumbnail pics are of some of MY slaves. I have face pics to trade with serious supplicants.

I also get into humiliation scenes. I thought this was hot enough to pass along. It reminds ME of a hot slave I once sent home to another state barefoot! Enjoy:

I was leaving my basement laundry room about 2 a. m. when this tall hot young blond guy got off the elevator and tried the handle of the laundry room door. He was wearing jeans and a black Pea Coat. I figured he lost his key so I opened the door and he said “thanks Sir. ” He entered, then followed me out to the elevator, which is where I noticed he was barefoot. We both got on then he got off on the main floor, said “goodnight Sir, ” then went out the front door.

In my mind, I imagined the boy was a hot slaveboy who was sent home barefoot because his Master was somehow displeased with him. It reminded me of when I sent the hottest Indian slaveboy ever created home to Philadelphia barefoot. He traveled to NYC via bus, 2 trains, and taxi cab. Now he had to endure the 3-4 hour trek back home barefoot, in the cold, October rain. He came back the next weekend for more. Boy, was he hot, and ticklish!!!

I had another hot, ticklish, 19 yr old Middle Eastern slaveboy a few weeks ago. He was also from Philly. I locked him in the tickle stocks, where one of my Asian slaveboys wrote “Tickle Me” in permanent marker on his soft soles. I let the Asian slave tickle his feet for over an hour. The poor slaveboy said he never knew he was ticklish and couldn’t stand it. I told him I would stop the tickling when he went soft. That never happened. After the Asian became exhausted, I started tickling those hot, soft soles. Finally, I reversed the positions and locked the Asian slaveboy in the stocks. The other slave went to town on his soles, after writing “Tickle Me” on them. I then tied the Middle Eastern slave spread-eagle to the bed, and we teased and edged him for close to two hours! He was screaming for mercy!! He finally shot a load that landed on his blindfolded face. Poor slave thought the ordeal was over. We kept massaging his sensitive cockhead. I honestly thought he would break the leather restraints, but they held long enough for 2 more loads.

After a short break, I tied the Asian slaveboy to the bed and let the other slave tease and milk him. Poor slave has no staying power. He was shooting within seconds. I told him the milking would last as long as he tortured the first slave. When we were done, the inside of his blindfold was drenched with slaveboy tears! Hot.

Two days later, the Middle Eastern slave emailed me to say he went to the beach the day after we met. He fell asleep on his blanket and awoke to some teen girls tickling his feet. He forgot to wash the ink off his soles!

I am seeking a younger, in-shape sub/slave for discipline, training, chores, milking, bondage, etc. I remain fully clothed while you are stripped naked, collared and shackled, slave. Also love a hot foot massage! If some of this seems too extreme, tell me what you are into, boy. I an a good-looking 6’2”, 210 lb white 46 year old Master with lots of bondage and slave equipment, including 2 sets of stocks, collars (both leather and chains w/ locks), leash, paddles, floggers, blindfold, rope, chains, wax, ball vice, ball parachute w/ weights, sounds, dildos, plugs, tit clamps, CB2000 and CB6000 chastity devices, etc. I also possess a devious mind! Replies without FACE PICS, stats, location (I host), and availability will not be answered.

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